EWP Renewable Corporation (EWPRC) was established in mid-2006 under previous owners and was purchased September 30, 2010 by EWP America, Inc., an affiliate of Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. (EWP) based in Ulsan, South Korea.  EWPRC's US management team members each have decades of direct development, acquisition, financing, design, construction and operations experience in cogeneration, biomass and efficient district energy systems.  EWPRC today owns and operates three renewable energy biomass plants located in California and New Hampshire, and two natural gas-fired power plants in California.  EWPRC currently owns and operates 153 megawatts of efficient and reliable, renewable energy and clean natural gas energy facilities in the US.

Our Focus

  • Long-term ownership and expansion is our primary objective for each new investment
  • Acquisition of operating assets throughout North America, either as stand-alone units or national portfolios of biomass generation, natural gas power generation, cogeneration or district heating/cooling systems
  • EWPRC conducts sourcing, due diligence and negotiation for each new investment opportunity

About Our Parent Company

Since Korea East-West Power Corporation (EWP) spun off from the Korea Electric Power Corporation in 2001, EWP has worked to become a global leading energy company. Today, EWP's core focus is on providing energy securely and efficiently, which are key driving forces behind our growth. EPC has also strengthened the competiveness of our workforce through promoting new management initiatives and enhancing management efficiency. EWP presently owns and operates more than 11,100 MW's of power generation projects that include USC coal fired central plants, LNG fueled combined cycle gas turbine plants, and renewable energy plants that include wind, solar biomass and tidal current technologies.

EWP now operates projects in 3 countries with development plans for 6 new projects located in 5 countries.

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